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Ready to become Healthy And Know what you're eating?

Without any more yo-yos or meal plans with foods you dont eat?

Create your wellness Goals and CRUSH them!

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Your Best Life Planner

for just $9.99

It's designed to help you get healthy

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Just imagine reaching your health goals - consistently - you could...

  • Genuinely feel excited and energized  (instead of anxious and overwhelmed), knowing exactly what you need to accomplish to stay on track with your meal plans! 
  • ​​​Skip the stress and overwhelm of not knowing where (or how) to get started with a simple set of health goal calculators, habit trackers, meal plans, and MORE - to help you develop the consistency you need to have lasting change!
  • ​​Stop feeling defeated by trying all of the meal plans that don't fit YOU or your point system and finally look forward to DINNER! Cause you know how to accomplish your meal goals.
  • ​Say goodbye to the overwhelm and use our food and meal organizers to help you break down how to reach health goals and develop routines that leaves you feeling refreshed VS exhausted.

It's a digital download. Nothing will be shipped in the mail.





Our Wellness Goals Maker & Journal!

($11.99 VALUE)

For everyone who doesn't know what their health goals are, but you just know it's not where you are now...

You are ready to have a change, you know what you don't want. This journal will help you get clarity on your goals so you can go on and crush them! Developed with the whole life/best life framework in mind, our Health Goals Journal includes our most popular tools to help you know what wellness goals you have so you can work towards the things that really matter!

Track your behavior and healthful actions with a visual habit tracking chart, give yourself confidence as you know at a glance, what your wellness progress is, as you check off daily & weekly milestones on the path to your goals.

Guaranteed, you'll spend less time pedaling your wheels to nowhere and be empowered with the tools to help you reach the health goals you set.

It's a digital download. Nothing will be shipped in the mail.

Join the Best Life Movement

I can track my progress!

I ordered the planner bundles, and I was blown away by the value provided on each and every page! I have everything I need to totally rock my goals and track my progress!

David M.

Budget-Friendly as I waste less food!

Having a flexible meal planner that helps me keep track of what’s in my pantry and fridge as I’m planning meals means there is less waste and I rotate through my stock better!

Jillian W.

Health + Meal Goals in One Place

I love that I finally have one place to keep track of all the pieces important to my health. Makes my life so much easier especially when ... well, life happens!

Julie R.

This is for you IF...

For everyone who has wanted to lose the pounds but felt lost as you've tried ALL of the meal plans, exercise plans - and ya can't stick to any of them. You know meal tracking works... but it feels so complicated!!

I've been there too!

The Your Best Life Planner and Health Goals Journal will help you keep track of all things that add mental clutter that you don't even know were distracting you from your health goals.

👉 Know what to eat AND that it is helping you reach your goals!

👉 Stop the guilt trips as you can eat for health and not dread - or get stuck on exercise plans that don't work.

👉 quit the yo-yos as this plan is customized to what you already eat and love!!

We are here for you! Let's go crush those health goals!

Hi! I’m Andie Thueson

I love food. Love to eat. Don't like limitations or having to watch what I eat... and I've struggled with fitting a system into my life - I needed accountability to build my best life! I needed simple tracking systems, not all of the mess and "experts"...

Gosh-darn-it! There has to be a way!

For years I desperately craved a one-stop spot with simple health tips, tricks, and wellness tools to help me tackle my busy days, reclaim my time, and bring energy to my WHOLE life

At the time, it didn't exist, so I decided to create it!

This planner will help you track your meals, while eating as much as you want!!

Sample Meal Plans (that you'll actually EAT!!)

Energy and Activity Habit Builders

Wellness GOAL MAKER!!

And another 40+ result-bringing-cheat-sheets!!

We will get you onto the path of goal-crushing up in no time!

Cultivate new life health habits and set up simple meal routines, so you can truly take back your time and focus on what matters most!

​Actually spend less time in the monotony or the grind, see your wellness rise WHILE you're spending MORE time with the ones you love! 


What's Included In Your Best Life Planner?

Lifetime access to EVERYTHING you need (besides the food and silverware) to make your meal planning a breeze! We have sample meal plans!! Energy and Activity Habit Builders, a Wellness GOAL MAKER!!

And another 40+ result-bringing-cheat-sheets!!

Is This Really Worth The Cost?


The meal plans ALONE will pay for itself within a MEAL of applying the tactics. And for many years to come. It's cheaper than a fast food meal and will make a positive impact on your life. Guaranteed. Buy it once and print it over and over again. You will not find a better, more practical, and more comprehensive bundle at a lower price.

Can I Print More Than One?

Your purchase covers the needs of your home/family (today and many years over). If you wish to print multiple copies, feel free to do so. Sharing the files with others outside your home is strictly prohibited under our copyright.

How Do I Print It?

You can either print directly with your home printer or save the files on your computer and send them to a local printer (Staples, etc.) When printing directly from your computer, check the print preview before you print. If the printable does not fit on the page, then change the settings.

Can I Get A Physical Copy?

At this time, Your Best Life Planner is only available in digital PDF format. You can print the entire bundle, have it bound or keep it in a 3-ring binder, or print just the pages you need.

How Soon After Purchasing Will I Receive My Product?

(Almost) immediately! Your purchase will be delivered directly on the confirmation page and will also be emailed to you, via the email address you provide at checkout. It should arrive within 3-20 minutes of your purchase.

How Do I Know The Meal Points Tracker is Right For Me?

Your Best Life Planner is for anyone looking for a manageable system - the step-by-step health and goal tracker to help you reach your health goals WHILE spending less time stressing about food and looking blankly at the pantry.

Help I Can't Open The File?

To open a PDF file, you will need a program that is probably already installed on your computer. This program will enable you to view PDF files from another site or source. If you don’t have a program, you can get one free with a simple Google search.

What Is Your Refund Policy?

Our number one priority is your happiness. This means we stand by our products 100%. If you have a problem, we will try to fix it. Refund it. Send you a virtual hug. Whatever it takes. Just reach out.

We're in this together, and we're here for you. But PLEASE be sure to read the product descriptions and the FAQ's on this page before purchasing. We also want MORE time with those we love, and answering questions or issuing refunds takes some of that precious time away. 🤗

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